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Keep cool in summer

Keep your car AC in check to stay cool in the warmer months.

Air conditioning repair and services in Portsmouth and Petersfield

Don’t put up with discomfort in summer. For reliable air conditioning repair and car AC services year-round, book in with the Portsmouth and Petersfield professionals at P.E.T.S. With expertise spanning a variety of air conditioning systems, we offer specialised air conditioning repair and maintenance to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Car AC maintenance and refills

If your car AC is failing, it could be a simple fix. Our Portsmouth and Petersfield team specialises in air conditioning maintenance, re-pressurising systems and refilling low refrigerants fast. Get back on the road comfortably in a matter of minutes with fast and reliable car AC maintenance and refills from P.E.T.S.

Specialised repairs and servicing

Air conditioning failures can sometimes be more complex, resulting from complicated issues with your car’s system. At P.E.T.S., we specialise in purging air conditioning systems, fixing leaks, unsticking valves and diagnosing more complicated problems. Whatever your AC troubles, we offer reliable air conditioning repairs and maintenance to keep the cool air flowing.

Is your car AC broken? Get it fixed fast. Contact us today to book your car in.

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